Thursday, December 8, 2011

Can You Name The 10 Commandments Within 60 Seconds?

Why do some people complain about the 10 Commandments being taken out of public buildings?  Some argue the commandments belong in these places.  I just wonder, "Do most people know the 10 commandments?"  The argument might not be, "Should the 10 Commandments be in public buildings?" (I think they should)  The argument should be, "Are the 10 Commandments in me?"  Or, "Am I following the 10 Commandments?" 

In one minute can you name the 10 Commandments?  If you study the bible and have a little trouble remembering them, how well do you think the typical person would do in repeating the commandments in 60 seconds.  If we can't name the commandments, or don't know can we profess to believe in them and want to defend them?  It's difficult to believe in or defend what we don't know.  
First, take the test and see how many commandments you know within 60 seconds.  You'll find the list of the 10 Commandments in Exodus 20.  Second, are you living those commandments?  If not, speak with our Father and ask for help in staying true to them all.  He will help you in your weakness if you are violating them.  Take this time to be like our loving Father.  Be holy as He is Holy (Leviticus 19:2).
By the way, if you couldn't remember even one of the 10 Commandments...that's ok.  Now is the time to learn them and learn about our Father.   No one can take this knowledge away from you once you learn about God and His love.  
If the 10 Commandments are important to us, "Why don’t we know them or keep them?"  Which ones do you not keep?  We know the Devil will break at least two of them.  Remember, his role is to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10).  Aim this week to be a commandment keeper rather than a commandment breaker. What do you have to lose?  Nothing.  But you have a lot to win. You'll grow closer to God and have divine guidance for your life.  Shoot me an email and I'll give you some words of encouragement.  I want you to be the best Christian you can be.

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