Sunday, March 25, 2012

7 Statements From the Cross - Statement 6

"Father, into your hands I commit my spirit" (see Luke 23:44-49)
Jesus came into the world with an Angelic choir.  He was born, not at the Ritz Carlton, but in a humble and meager place.  He is now about to leave the earth quite different than how He came.  It looks like He is not only humiliated and defeated but now He is about to die.  After all, how dare He defy the rulers and Priests of the day?  How dare He upset the status quo?  Who did He think He was?  Pontius Pilate placed the inscriptions above His head that stated exactly Who He was. Yet, those were only words and this “man” is dying.  Possibly, the crowd saw a defeated man.  Possibly, His followers saw the end of this new “Way” and a Rabbi that was wrong.  Possibly, Mary saw the death of her first born.  What could be going through their minds?  What do you think about when you reflect on the “COST” that Jesus bore for us?
In truth, those people were witnesses to witness “Act 1” so to speak.  Jesus repeatedly told them this event had to happen in order for God to be glorified.  I image I would have felt the same as His family, friends and followers felt.  You and I have the privilege to, as some writers say, flash forward on the story.  We read the book but they were living it.  
Jesus showed obedience to God even while on the cross. Think about this for a second.  Our Lord was beaten and scourged and didn’t complain.  He was talked about and disrespected by the thief and people in the area. It should assure you that you have a Savior who loves us dearly.  

Jesus has now relinquished His spirit.  He is about to die for our sins.  He said, "into your hands I commit my spirit."  Jesus stayed obedient to God.  He stuck to the plan despite the heart ache and pain. In a sense, Jesus was saying, “Father, it’s now time to take this to the next level.  You will be glorified even more after I am resurrected in three days.”
It is debatable whether this statement was His six or seventh one.  Remember, we’ll go more in detail about the statements in our bible study.  For this internet study, we are seeing how the words apply to us.
As we wrap up, remember a few things.  First, Jesus was not thinking defeat. Nor, was He admitting defeat.  No, our King of Kings was about to take the sins of the worlds upon Himself.  Defeated individuals don’t look for another challenge. They run from it.  Jesus ran towards the challenge.  Second, Jesus was being obedient to God.  He was nearing the finish of this earthly mission.  Jesus was about to, in a word, kill or defeat death.
Last observation, it was an unbeliever who made the comment “Truly this man was the Son of God.” (Mark 15:37 NASB)  Can an unbeliever tell you are a Christian or do you act, talk and think like them?
This week, commit yourself unto God.  Be obedient to Him and Glorify Him through your work ethics this week.  Let your co-workers, family members or neighbors see you being the Christian you’re called to be.  Prayerfully, when they see you...they’ll see Christ.  Also, spend some time in prayer and bible study.  You’ll see more of the One whom we love and serve.
Bless you

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