Thursday, October 6, 2011

Work In Your Mission Field (Matt 28:19)

Wouldn't it be embarrassing to be get lost going to work?  We all have a mission field.  The problem is that many of us aren't in the field working.  Are you working in your mission field?
As a Christian you must realize you have a role in building the Kingdom of God.  Did you know that your actions or inactions can dilute the Word of God?  Unfortunately, not everyone in the church is saved.  Nor are they at your spiritual level.  Also they might not share your Christian values. Remember, just because they say they are Christian doesn't mean they live like a Christian. They are, however, looking at you and how you worship.  More importantly they look at how you don’t worship.  You can be a difference maker to them. Take a quick assessment.  If your life was displayed on the wall for everyone to see, would it encourage or discourage your brother or sister in Christ?
We all have a mission field within our church, family, neighborhood and jobs! I believe you are the key to bringing people to Christ.  It might sound strange for a preacher to think you are the key rather than the clergy. Why do I believe this?  It's simple.  You’re in a strategic position to help our brother or sister in Christ who may have not lived up to the doctrines of Christianity. Preachers are looked in one light while the person sitting next to them in the pews are looked at differently.  They expect you to live and act like them.  Ironically, we all are supposed to live holy...not just the clergy.  Regardless, you are an example to everyone you come in contact with.  Is the example good or bad?  If it’s bad, now is the time to change.  We have the same goal. What’s that goal?  It’s to preach and tell everyone about Jesus and further the kingdom of God (Matt 26:19).  If you aren't well-versed in the scriptures...teach what you know.  I believe there is a bible study going on at a church...somewhere in your area. If your church doesn't have a bible study, go to a sister church's bible study.  If you can't go to a bible study, buy a book.  If you can't buy a book, read The Book.  It has a lot of good things in it! (Smile).  Remember, we want to reduce anything from hindering the Gospel of Christ. Pastor Michael Steve Brown, True Vision Church, once said, “I might not be sinless but I do sin less.”  That's a pretty good saying.

Now go out to your mission field and show the world the Love of Christ.  

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